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  • Ease of use
    RPM Wizard is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The program does not require any previous knowledge of how RPM works. When installed properly, the user can just click on an RPM file in the file manager and RPM Wizard starts automatically. The installation is supposed to go as smoothly as any Windows installation. If you think that something could be made more easy-to-use just drop me an email. No one knows better than the user.

  • Automatic dependency handling
    This is the new feature in RPM Wizard 0.6. A common problem when installing RPM packages is that the software is missing some dependencies, i.e some other software that is needed to get the program working. With most other RPM installers the user himself has to look for other RPM packages that satisfy the dependencies and install them first. RPM Wizard tries to do this automatically by searching a premade database of the content of the distribution CDs. If you are installing from a directory on your hard drive, it can also make use of the packages in that directory to satisfy the missing dependencies.

  • Install from a list of distribution packages NEW!
    If you have the RPM Wizard database module installed you can install packages by choosing the package name from a list. The list only includes packages that are newer than those installed. No longer will you have to search through all your distribution CD:s to find the package you are looking for.

  • Details dialog
    This dialog gives a lot of details for those interested without getting in the way for users that just want to get the installation through quickly. You can view the files of the package, the size, lists of provides and depends and more.

  • Shortcut on the desktop
    At the end of the wizard the user is given the option to put a shortcut on all users' desktops (both KDE and Gnome).

  • Launch program
    This option starts the installed program as soon as the user clicks 'Finish'.

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